Take a break. Pick a Haven

When was the last time you sat down, put your feet up and enjoyed your cup of coffee without overseeing something or the other? What was the last book that you read without interruption from the kid or the maid? It is no exaggeration that life does get to you at some point. The number of times one wished for a pause button on the remote of time in order to just catch their breath is infinity.

People must realize that life need not always be chaotic and heavy. There are many who do not wait for that breaking point to realize that they have to get away from their routine life. They are the ones who proactively plan a vacation to either a resort or a retreat to clear their minds and come back refreshed. They are the ones who look sharper and perform better. There is this story about two wood cutters who wanted to get the most number of trees cut. While one worked continuously and throughout the day, the other took regular breaks.

The latter was efficient and had more output to show for. The reason was that he took a break not only to sharpen his ax but also his mental makeup. The power of a retreat should not be underestimated at any point. By taking some time off work, you are essentially saving time in the long run. The chances of you burning out are much lesser when you get away once in a while. The frequency with which the break is taken is very personal and depends on the individual.

Balance in life
The ability to pick a balance between personal and professional life is very hard. Most career-oriented and ambitious people struggle when it comes to finding the right priority. While it is literally impossible to satisfy all the people in one’s life, the important ones do have to have that edge over the others. The same applies to work. One must be aware that not only work is everything, you are just as replaceable to work.

Importance of retreats
The human body is a miracle. It still needs time to recuperate in order to be at its best. Retreats help you take a step back and take a look at the bigger picture. When you are very goal hot air balloon experience oriented, it is only the goal that you are able to see. Inspiration comes from a clear mind, not one clouded with pressure and tension. Detox is a term that is not only applicable in the physical sense but mental as well.

The retreat is exactly as it sounds. A place to pull back. It is derived from the Latin verb. A retreat is a place where you go to, in order to get away from the world. You can recharge your batteries and come back with fresh energy and enthusiasm. You must realize that you have to sharpen yourself in order to give life your best.

Benefits of retreats


When you go to a retreat, you are able to take your eye off the ball. You are now on complete internal focus and introspection mode. Self-care is not a luxury that can take place in a normal life. There are so many things to be taken care of that the concept of being able to nurture one’s body and mind is not even comprehensible. At a retreat, you are on an official break from life. You have left everything in care of someone else so that you can concentrate on you. It is a privilege that you ought to give yourself regularly. A retreat is what you need when you lose yourself in the real world and you want to listen to yourself.

A retreat provides you with a space that lets you connect with everything that you need to get back on top. Everything from freeing the mind to getting inspired takes place when you have a special venue for it. It is the retreat to many. Mindblocks are removed when you let yourself breathe freely and get some life into life itself. That is the key to being successful in what you do. End of the day, you must realize that you are more than a parent, an employee, a spouse and a friend. Find what you are looking for.